by Green Stop Dispensary, February 19, 2016


5.04 % THC / 5.67 % CBD |  A GREEN STOP HOME GROWN

Combining the potent prowess of William’s Wonder (WW) with that of an F3 Jedi Kush female (JK) resulted in the birth of Wonder Kush. The two powerhouse strains have come together in a perfect union of intensity, aroma (WW) and flavor (JK).

A1wash with a forest-load of natural aromas, including the likes of pine, ferns and fresh grass – to truly invigorate the senses. You can almost imagine yourself strolling through a forest inhaling all the wondrous smells.

Wonder kush also comes bundled with a myriad of medical benefits, users who suffer from anxiety, nausea, insomnia and muscles pains will find Wonder Kush especially beneficial.

Most plants with look like they have been sprinkled with fairy dust whilst smelling of home made lemonade. Some aromas from the William’s Wonder carry over along with the citrus edge from the Jedi Kush. The scents from the William’s Wonder triggered memories of a forest stroll in springtime. Musky scents along with pine, ferns and fresh grass, you can almost imagine yourself taking a stroll through a forest on a spring morning, a blanket of bluebells visible through the thick early morning mist.

In terms of flavors, both parents bring their uniqueness to the table, culminating in a feast for the taste buds. Notes of lemon meringue and pine intermingle masterfully. The Inherently Indica nature of Wonder Kush manifests itself through the strain’s full-bodied effects. Users can expect sensations of uplifting-bliss, positivity and warmth throughout the body. You’ll want nothing more but to slink into your chair as Wonder Kush takes hold.

Flavors generally are a combination of the two parents, smooth lemon meringue coupled with kushy, hashy and subtle pine. The effect of this strain is blissful, a pleasant floaty sensation, one which your outlook becomes positive, your body feels like its wrapped in cotton wool yet no debilitating effects or couch lock like the William’s Wonder. A practical strain for any hour of the day.


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