Important Years in Marijuana’s Path to Legalization

Important Years in Marijuana’s Path to Legalization

by Green Stop Dispensary, March 28, 2016


Details: Marijuana’s important dates in modern history:


1970 – NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) was Founded. It is a non-profit public-interest advocacy group whose mission is to end marijuana prohibition, and replace it with a system of legalization, taxation, regulation, and education.

1990 – Scientists discover cannabinoid receptors. And the award goes to? Miles Herkenham, Senior Investigator at the National Institute of Mental Health, and his research team. Their discovery helped scientists understand the effects of cannabinoids on the brain.

1991 – On November 5th, the first Medical Marijuana initiative was passed in San Francisco, CA.

1996 – Coincidentally, 5 years later on the dot, California becomes the first state to legalize Medical Marijuana. Voters passed a state initiative known as Proposition 215 that become effective on November 6th, 1996.

1998 – Alaska, Oregon, and Washington become the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th states to legalize medical marijuana.

1999- Main becomes 5th state to legalize medical marijuana.

2000- Hawaii, Colorado, and Nevada jump on the medical marijuana bandwagon.

2008- Cannabis returned to Class B felony in the UK.

2010- Colorado increases regulatory framework for dispensaries. This gave the local communities the ability to ban or place controls on the operations, locations and ownership of these establishments.

2012- The Colorado marijuana legalization initiative, otherwise known as Amendment 64, took place. It was filed 8 different times in 2011, before making the ballot in 2012, and allowed the state to regulate retail sales of the drug. Washington also legalized recreational use for adults over 21.

2015- President Obama signed a Congressional bill that required acquiescence to states that had medical marijuana use laws in place.


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