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Vendor Spotlight: Evolab
Cannabis Evolved

Evolab products available March 25th, 2016 at The Green Stop!

Founded by Alex Cahoj in 2009, Evolab uses only pure CO2 in the production of their cannabis extracts. Product development is an integral part of their existence. After a lot of research, they began incorporating chromatography into their process. What is chromatography? Basically, it’s the separation of a mixture by passing it in a solution through a medium in which the components move at different rates. Evolab has partnered with two of the most famous chromatographers in the world, at a company called PIC-SFC. Together, they created a new machine that performs fluid extractions using cold CO2. This machine, paired with a chromatography machine, further refines and tests the results, which has allowed them to produce some of the purest and most precisely manufactured cannabis extracts ever made! Evolab’s newly automated and computer-controlled process allows them to extract the best terpenes and cannabinoids for their products.

machineAt the center of Evolab’s expanding technologies are their product lines Natural, Chroma, and Alchemy.


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Natural: True to the strain 

Evolab runs small batch extractions with single strains. Their Natural product therefore maintains the flavor and therapeutic attributes of each particular strain so you get the full plant Entourage Effect. This oil is 100% pure, with the integrity of the strain 100% preserved.


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Chroma: Purely potent

Chroma is nearly 100% cannabinoids. A thick, clear, amber oil, Chroma is for the cannabis connoisseur obsessed with quality and potency.



Alchemy: Cannabis at it’s finest

The Alchemy product is a customized extraction experience. Drawing from years of customer feedback and personal expertise, our team of cannabis sommeliers has crafted signature cannabis oils. Alchemy blends cannabis derived terpenes, THC, and CBDs into an expression of art and science.


Each of these extracts are unique for truly discerning tastes.

Capitalizing on their exceptionally clean extracts, Evolab has also designed two topical products infused with therapeutic cannabis. The first product Angel Salve, took first place in High Time’s 2015 Cannabis Cup for Best Topical. Angel Salve was compounded for pain relief and recovery from minor aches and pains. A perfect compliment for the hiking trails and bike paths of Colorado.

Evolab’s second product Evos has a more intimate application. Purporting itself as Colorado’s first clear, odorless, cannabis infused personal lubricant Evos looks to establish a loyal fanbase of lovers across the state. Using only clean CO2 extracted THC, Evolab has set the bar high for quality and performance.

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Pop into Green Stop to check out all of Evolab’s brilliant products. Ask our bud-tenders about our Evolab collaborations and make sure to discover our CBD product line soon to debut. Evolab products available March 25th, 2016 at The Green Stop!


What is a cannabis concentrate?

“Concentrate” is becoming an ambiguous word in the cannabis industry. It could refer to the wax you vaporize, the tincture under your tongue, or the orally administered THC-free cannabis oil that’s changing attitudes toward cannabis everywhere. The future of cannabis is steering toward these potent concentrated forms, especially as the therapeutic potential of non-smoking methods is realized by the public.

Concentrates refer to the product of a cannabinoid extraction processes using a solvent (H2O, C2O, butane, alcohol, etc). The goal of concentrates is to eliminate all plant matter and extract the resin glands from the plant matter. Concentrates are made by mixing cannabis plant matter with a solvent. Then, the solution is usually strained and purged to remove all plant matter and any dangerous solvents from the product. There are various forms of concentrate:

  • Cannabis Butter/Oil
  • Budder/Earwax/Honeycomb/Super Melt
  • Wax/Hash Oil
  • ISO Hash/QWISO
  • Bubble Hash/Full Melt/Ice Wax
  • Shatter/Amberglass/Sexy Oil
  • Kief/Dry Sieve
  • Scissor/Finger Hash
  • Alcohol and Glycerine Tinctures

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